Daily skin-care routine for Glowing skin

Do you know the correct sequence of using skin-care products?

Does it really matter? yes, it matters a lot.

Daily skincare routine for glowing skin|This article is basically for those who have no clue how to start the routine and have no time as well. With the availability of numerous beauty products, it is getting much difficult to find a suitable skin-care routine when you are a Beginner.

Moreover, most of us don’t really know in which sequence we have to follow or to apply products on our face. Dear readers please read the whole article in order to get effective result. We have mentioned the sequence as well as appropriate time to use these products.

Is it important to follow a Skin-care routine?

As, overloading the skin will only harm your skin, making it Acne-prone. Likewise, doing nothing about your skin will resist the glow and can make your skin appear dull.

Thus, the main aim of this routine is to keep the skin clean (especially when you are wearing makeup), hydrated and protected from the sun (every single day).

Following steps are likely to solve your common skincare concerns. This simplified routine will surely help you. So let’s move on to the topic.

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In the morning:

1. Face wash:

daily skin care routine starts with facewash.

Choose the face wash according to your skin type. Always pour a little amount of face wash on your palm and massage it well on your face in a circular motion. Always massage gently. Do not harsh on it. After washing your face, gently pat the towel on your face. Do not scrub it as it will harm your skin.

2. Cleanser:

cleanser is the 2nd step of daily skincare routine

Secondly, take a cleanser which better goes with your skin. Pour a little amount of it on the cotton pad or ball. Then gently move in the circular motion on your face. It will Clear out all amount of dirt and dust particles from your face. After this step, wait for 5 minutes before jumping on the next step.

3. Toner:

toner is 3rd step of daily skin care routine

Toner does wonderful work on your skin. It tightens the pore on the face resulting in the glowing and beautiful skin. Take a little amount of toner on the cotton pad or ball and just dab onto your face (Do not massage). Leave it on your face for 5 minutes.

4. Moisturizer:

daily skin care routine goes with moisturizer

This is the most important step in your skincare routine. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type so that it will not get more oily or more dry as well. Take a little amount pf moisturizer on your palm. Rub it well before applying it on your face.

Always moisturize your face well to keep it hydrated. After this, use Under-Eye-Cream which helps to lighten the dark circles, resulting in blemish-free eyes.

5. Sunscreen:

Many people skip this step because they find, sunscreen makes their skin more oily. But this is the essential step of this routine. If you do not apply sunscreen before going out, this whole routine is just a waste.

Sun really damages the skin. Its UV rays are very harmful to the skin and make it dehydrated and cause Sunburns.

Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above as Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Higher number SPFs block slightly more of the sun’s UV rays.

These layers will not only help you to make your skin clean but also if you apply makeup after this, the chemicals present in it will not damage your skin.

At night:

Use any make up remover to remove your makeup. It is very important step to do before going to bed. You have to keep your face free in night so that it rejuvenates.

daily skincare routine includes makeup remover

Now you have to follow all the steps of morning routine except sunscreen.


Do this routine twice in a day. Both the men and women can follow this routine to make their skin healthier, glowing, and also blemishing free.

Additionally, pamper your skin once in a week by using Scrubs (not very harsh) and moreover the hydrating masks.

Hydrating masks acts as an extra boost for hydration. Always start with lightest consistency and moving forward to thicker consistency.

Follow this routine regularly to get better results. We the team of kalyugpantomath always pray for everyone’s good health. Stay healthy, stay safe at home and stay connected with us. All we need is your love and support. DO follow our Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates. Just click on the icons appearing on the screen to be redirected to our page.


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